Our Honeymoon Part 1: Venice, Italy


As my first post, I thought I’d share our honeymoon pictures from last year. I’m not sure why I never shared them online (except a couple instas) and even my mom said she’s never seen them so I’m posting a few of my favorites from each place we visited.

We flew into Venice and then took a (very) long boat ride into the city. It’s insane to see an entire city of people living with no cars, and boats as their only form of transportation. We were only there for one full day so we woke up early and headed onto our water taxi (lol) since our hotel (we stayed at the Hilton Milano Stuckey) was located on a different island. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful all the buildings are. They are so colorful and each one is unique.

Processed with Rookie

There are also dogs everywhere which made me very happy because I’m obsessed with them. I was scared that i was going to see lots of strays but we actually didn’t see a single one! Everyone walks around the city with their dogs and takes them everywhere, to lunch, shopping, and even their jobs. This is me trying to be friends with a little dachshund that went to work with his owner everyday. He wasn’t impressed by me:

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We walked around all the little shops and alleys and ended up at the famous Piazza San Marco, which is a big square surrounded by small stores, restaurants and all the gelato you could dream of.

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For lunch we went to a restaurant called RossoPomodoro. It was quite possibly the best Italian food I’ve ever had. We loved it so much that we went back for dinner. They had amazing red wine called Lambrusco that was extremely cheap. I’m normally not a fan of red wine but it was chilled, bubbly, and sweet (aka delish!). I had a Neapolitan pizza and Jason went for pasta:

italy venice 1

Back at our hotel, there was a Nutella bar which to me sounds like something that exists only in heaven. They had every type of Nutella dessert you can imagine but we went for waffles and I almost cried tears of pure joy:

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I wish we’d had more time in Venice, it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I already told Jason we need to go back for longer and bring our families for more yummy food, amazing views, and of course Lambrusco!

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